The Problem We're Trying to Fix

Since 2010, Albuquerque has experienced a rash of officer involved shootings, 25 of which were fatal. The rate at which officers shoot citizens is significantly higher than other cities. From 2010 to 2012, Albuquerque police shot people at five times the per-capita rate of New York City.

Following an in-depth, impartial investigation, the Department of Justice confirmed what most of us already knew: A deep-rooted culture of aggression is embedded within the Albuquerque Police Department. APD officers frequently use excessive force against people who pose a minimal threat, including those who are unarmed as well as those suffering from mental illness.

Moving forward, the APD will enter into a court-ordered agreement with the Department of Justice to set the department on a better path. We believe that affected communities can and should play a critical role shaping these reforms and holding the city leadership accountable throughout the process.

How APD Forward plans to help >>