Our Vision

iStock_000023282522Small.jpgWe believe that...

  • The broken system within APD is failing our communities, including officers and staff that were attracted to careers in law enforcement out of a desire to serve the public good.

  • Albuquerque residents are justifiably angry that the political process is failing to bring about long overdue reforms to our police department.

  • Racial equity - an understanding and acknowledgement of historical and ongoing racial inequities and a commitment to actions challenging those inequities - is a core tenet of APD Forward's work.

  • The City of Albuquerque, the police department, and impacted communities must develop a constructive partnership focused on bringing full accountability to APD.

The way forward...

The problems facing the APD are daunting, but they can be fixed. The APD Forward campaign is dedicated to achieving the following goals:

  1. Engage and integrate impacted communities into the reform effort.
  2. Hold APD accountable for taking concrete steps to comply with the settlement agreement.
  3. Press all parties to the agreement to actively advance reforms in a collaborative and constructive manner. 
  4. Institutionalize the mandates of the agreement to ensure that the reforms are permanent.
  5. Ensure that the City of Albuquerque dedicates adequate resources to fully fund the necessary reforms.  

What you can do to get involved >>