ALBUQUERQUE, NM - The ACLU of New Mexico today released poll results that show a large majority of Albuquerque voters favor proposals to track police misconduct and fund alternatives to traditional policing to improve public safety and strengthen civil rights. The poll was conducted to inform a voter awareness campaign aimed at educating voters about candidates’ positions on civil liberties ahead of the Albuquerque mayoral race on November 2, 2021.

“The poll results clearly show that Albuquerque voters want a mayor who will prioritize police accountability and funding for civilian-led alternatives to policing that will better address homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues,” said ACLU of New Mexico Policy Director Nayomi Valdez. “Police violence and lack of accountability remain significant problems in Albuquerque and our communities are ready for change.”

The poll, conducted by GBAO Strategies and paid for by the American Civil Liberties Union, Inc. New Mexico Votes measure finance committee, surveyed 400 registered voters who are likely to cast ballots in Albuquerque’s November 2021 mayoral race. 74 percent of Albuquerque voters said they would support a proposal that would require the Albuquerque Police Department to identify and track police officers with a history of misconduct, bias, or excessive use of force, and ensure that this record is available to defendants when police are called to testify against them in court. 65 percent of voters said they would support a proposal to increase funding for the Albuquerque Community Safety Department, an alternative to the traditional police department whose responders are trained to handle certain public safety issues instead of armed police officers.

“The next Albuquerque mayor will have an opportunity to make a real impact on policing and on civil liberties more broadly,” said Valdez. “We want voters to make an informed decision at the ballot box and we hope this campaign will help them to do just that.”

American Civil Liberties Union, Inc. New Mexico Votes is a measure finance committee conducting a voter education campaign that includes mailers, digital ads, and an election hub website where voters can learn about candidates’ positions on key civil liberties issues like police accountability.  

The ACLU of New Mexico is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse, oppose, or contribute to candidates for elected office. 

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