Independent Monitor's First Report

APD Forward Expresses Concern that APD is Delaying Reform Process


ALBQUERQUE, NM—Today, federal monitor Dr. James Ginger’s released the first status report on the Albuquerque Police Department’s (APD) progress towards implementing the reforms required by the consent decree between the Department of Justice and APD. In comments in federal court today, Ginger revealed that to date APD has failed to submit adequate use of force policies to the monitor, slowing down compliance with the entire consent decree. Indeed, Dr. Ginger reported that the policy has gone through "two cycles" of review, without gaining approval. In the wake of this announcement, the APD Forward coalition calls upon the Albuquerque Police Department to cooperate in the creation of adequate use of force polices and submit them in as soon as possible.


“This reform process is not going to work if APD keeps falling short in the foundational task of creating acceptable use of force policies,” said APD Forward spokesperson Peter Simonson, Executive Director for the ACLU of New Mexico. “These policies are the first step in creating adequate training, improved supervision, and effective discipline. Without them, we cannot build the community friendly, responsible police force our city deserves. APD needs to demonstrate to the community that it is serious about this process by developing these policies and fully cooperating with the Department of Justice.”


Over the coming days, APD Forward will review the monitor’s full report, as well as APD's self-report, to analyze where the reform effort is progressing as expected, and where APD is falling short of its reform commitments. 


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