APD Forward Releases Analysis of Third Independent Federal Monitor Report


ALBUQUERQUE, NM—Today, the APD Forward campaign released its analysis of the third status report issued by Independent Federal Monitor Dr. James Ginger earlier this month. APD Forward’s two-page analysis of the Monitor’s 352-page report highlights the Albuquerque Police Department’s continuing struggle to make substantial progress toward compliance with the settlement agreement.

The biggest cause for concern is that the Monitor has noted numerous problems with APD’s use of force investigations, including the failure of APD supervisors and command staff to recognize use of force issues, to reliably collect use of force data, to do any type of meaningful investigation of use of force incidents, and to recognize and address patterns of use of force that could implicate the need for meaningful policy review.

APD Forward also wishes to highlight the fact that it is extremely unlikely that APD will complete the reform process in the timeframe outlined in the settlement agreement. While APD has not yet missed a deadline, serious concerns exist as to whether APD will be able to complete the reform process within its self-imposed timeline of four years. Several of the early deadlines for certain requirements were already extended, though the overall timeline has not yet changed.

A full copy of APD Forward’s two-page analysis is available here: http://bit.ly/29OF4sL