Lobby Day

APD Forward Lobby Day 

Thursday, Feb. 26 at 9am

at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe



In the 2015 New Mexico legislative session, APD Forward is introducing a bill in the New Mexico legislature that would require every law enforcement agency in New Mexico that has a SWAT team to file annual reports providing detailed documentation about how they use these heavily armed, military-style units.

We know that in recent decades, SWAT teams have come to be increasingly overused for such activities as searching for drugs or delivering low-risk warrants. In the process, innocent people are often killed and terrorized. The recent Department of Justice investigation of APD revealed that Albuquerque routinely misuses SWAT.

But we also know that this problem isn't just confined to Albuquerque. That is why APD Forward is advocating for a statewide law that would help shed light on how SWAT teams are used in our communities all over New Mexico. Using this information, we can rein in out-of-control SWAT units and make our communities safer.

You can help us make the SWAT Transparency Law a reality by joining us in Santa Fe, for the APD Forward Lobby Day, where you can speak directly with your legislators and tell them why you support increased transparency for SWAT teams.

If you are interested in joining us, Please RSVP and an APD Forward organizer will provide further details and help arrange a meeting with your representatives during the APD Forward Lobby Day.