APD Forward Requests Background Information on Fatal APD Shooting in Crowded Grocery Store Parking Lot

APD Forward requests meeting with Chief Geier to review footage and decision making process



June 27, 2018


CONTACT: Micah McCoy, (505) 266-5915 x1003 or [email protected]


ALBUQUERQUE, NM--Today, the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) held a press conference in which it released some of the footage of the officer involved shooting that left robbery suspect Richard Rivera dead on June 16. In response, APD Forward is calling on APD Chief Geier to meet with representatives from the group to walk through the incident and review any lapel video footage and other evidence tied to the shooting.


“We’re asking Chief Geier to be open and transparent with us by walking us through the evidence APD has gathered, including any lapel and dash camera footage, and discussing in detail how the incident escalated to a high octane pursuit through the city that culminated in a fatal officer-involved shooting,” said APD Forward Spokesperson Natalie Nicotine with the Native American Voters Alliance.


The incident involved a vehicular pursuit across town and ended with an APD officer firing multiple shots in a crowded Smith’s grocery store parking lot in SE Albuquerque, fatally injuring Rivera just feet away from nearby families with children. This fatal officer involved shooting was committed under the use of force policy written by the previous administration, which has been criticized by the court-appointed monitor overseeing the reform process.

“This most recent fatal shooting comes at a critical moment in the reform process,” said APD Forward Spokesperson Alice Liu McCoy, Staff Attorney for Disability Rights New Mexico. “The city is in the middle of reviewing and rewriting their use of force policy, and this incident shows just how important it is that the new policy emphasizes de-escalation and unambiguously mandates using the minimal necessary level of force.”


Officers working in the field have told APD Forward that the current policy is confusing and difficult to implement. The fatal shooting of Richard Rivera was conducted under the requirements of the current policy, which APD Forward has criticized as unnecessarily complicated and ineffective.




APD Forward is a community coalition led by concerned Albuquerque citizens and organizations who want to see the Albuquerque Police Department become the responsible, community-friendly police department we know it can be. We are a powerful advocacy, outreach, and education platform for Albuquerque communities to press for the sensible reforms that we need to restore trust in the police department.